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Helping You Navigate the Medical System

With today's modern medical advances, organ transplants present viable candidates with a life-saving solution. However, the process of obtaining an organ is a difficult, long, and complex one. We understand how hard it is to navigate the medical system and how much time is spent getting information from physician’s offices and transplant centers; it can feel lonely and overwhelming.

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Focused on You

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Transplant Angels are the trusted source for independent professional transplant advocacy. We work with individuals and families across the world to not only assist with the transplant process but take it out of your hands. As a client, our primary focus is your wellbeing and that of your loved ones. With our expertise, we can take the hardships and complexities out of the process. You can rely on us all the way through and focus on getting better.

About Natalie

Natalie is the Founder and Director of Transplant Advocacy here at Transplant Angels, but it was a long road to get there.

Over a decade ago, Natalie became a registered nurse while earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Her dedication and commitment to patient care is evident in everything she does. Always at the forefront of learning more about her profession and field of expertise, she has acquired the knowledge, expertise and tools to be the most effective advocate for organ transplant patients. Working in a hospital setting and case management opened her eyes to the many needs and support patients and their family require when they are ill.

In 2017 Natalie began her work with transplant patients in the largest transplant center in the United States, the Miami Transplant Institute at Jackson Memorial Hospital. There she became a specialist in the field of solid organ transplant. Working with patients throughout their transplant journey, she learned the process of organ transplantation from start to finish. These include:

  • Becoming a clinical expert in the different disease processes leading to organ transplant
  • Understanding the process of listing a patient on the national waiting list
  • Managing the patient while waiting for the organ to become available
  • Managing the patient’s care after the transplant
  • and much more.

Natalie is dedicated to providing the considerable resources at her disposal to give the best possible care for patients and their families. Click Here to reach out to us and set up a confidential free consultation with her.

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Helping Those in Need

As in all fields of medicine, and as published in many research articles over the years, patients who have someone advocating for them have a higher chance of a faster and better recovery.

Natalie identified the great need patients and their families have and coordinated all that entails in the challenging and sometimes very discouraging road to transplant. Experiencing this time after time with patients, she decided she would like to make a difference.

She decided to create a place where people can come to and get all the support they need, for them to have someone who will take the hardship and frustration that comes with coordinating the pre, post, and intra organ transplant care to focus on getting better. Transplant Angels were created with Natalie’s love for people, her compassion, and her professional experience.